About Us

Our mission as naturelhai̇r is to find the correct solutions for hair loss, which is the main problem of many men today. Our prior goal is for every man to have the hair of their dream, that's why we meet them with the best doctors and teams of the field to find them all their needs and to give them the trust and the right service that they deserve at every moment of this process.

For this objective, every year,we bring over 5000 patients together with istanbul's top hair transplant specialists and provides effective solutions and quality service to meet their requests.

We provide not only hair transplantation, browse transplantation, beard and musthet transplantation services. With all required documents and certificates in the field, our team performs the entire operation in a fully equipped hospital environment and considering all hygiene and health regulations.

  • Does the transplanted hair fall out?

    Transplanted hair never falls out. It stays for life

  • Does the grafts taken from the donor area grow back?

    The grafts taken from the donor area never grow back. That is why for each 5 grafts we take 2 and leave 3 to hide but the removal is done in a homogeneous way so that it is not visible.

  • Is the transplant feasible for patients with chronic illnesses?

    The hair transplant is feasible for patients who have chronic illnesses too, except that the rate of the hair that does not hold can be higher.

  • Until what age can patients have hair transplant?

    There is no specific age for the hair transplant. As long as the patient's health situation allows the transplant is feasible.

  • From what age is the hair transplant feasible?

    The hair transplant generally can be done around twenty but it depends on the individual patient's fall as well as the genetic factor. If the patient loses their hair completely before that ages the transplant is feasible.

  • What are the causes of hair loss?

    There are several bills that can be the cause of hair loss, but the main cause is the genetic factor. There is also the stress, the lack of vitamins and the patient's eating habits.

  • Is the hair transplant possible on scars or burns?

    The hair transplant is possible on scars and burns as well as the rate of hair that does not hold can be higher.

  • Is the transplant feasible for women without shaving their hair completely?

    The transplant is feasible for women without shaving their hair completely for using the DHI technique. But you should also know the causes of hair loss before the operation.